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Frank Sardella hosts what started out as a simple chiropractic marketing advice podcast show where he and some guests gave some practical advice and anecdotes about growing your practice. The show has since grown into an inspirational and marketing advice show which is bent on getting you on purpose and growing the practice, for real as a real entrepreneur, every day!

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CloseEveryoneCoverWhat if you Could CLOSE EVERYONE at your next talk?

You have undoubtedly wanted better results from talks, even if you did well, even if you have backed off from doing them at all. Now you can learn it in this 31K+ words training manual for you and your staff, not on public speaking, but on getting inside the heads of those you are working over to enlighten. Beyond enlightenment, however, is the greatest weakness of all in chiropractors and other wellness speakers: CALLS TO ACTION.

Not only has it been found to be a deficient skill, it has found to not exist at all! Face it, if you knew what they were thinking, you wouldn’t have to guess what to say and, certainly, never need scripts. You’d simply have a conversation, at the end of which you would call the person to a desired action which they would then take! …Watch the trailer here, then…

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 PROBLEM: You have knowledge & ability you don’t even know about!

When I achieved a status of “expert” in terms of personal skill, I did the natural thing: I started coaching others. How’d that turn out for me? Well it was a lesson in not knowing what I knew about chiropractic marketing and practice growth. I found out that I didn’t know what I actually knew. How did I know that? Easy: no one could do it like I could, despite my telling them what to say.

SOLUTION: Find out what you know. Then your those you advise will succeed!

Here was a project of self-discovery for me, parallel probably to what you go through with patients every day, trying to educate, treat and, somehow, to retain them. I had do dig deep within myself to find out the attitudes, thoughts, emotions and other nuances I wouldn’t have thought made a difference. It was then that my clients started to really get it.

I found that scripts to be unnecessary when true understanding was achieved

The funny thing, if unique, about my coaching program was that once I really understood the depth of my knowledge, I could not only impart it to be fully understood by others, they would hence not need any scripting to duplicate it. So true chiropractic marketing was born with an unscripted “True Screening Process” and “Marketing Collective” (as I now call them) which is a simple philosophy of getting the marketing done effectively, without rehearsing and, worse yet, sounding rehearsed!

Please peruse the site, read, listen and even pick up a few tools. And feel free to contact me directly. I would love to hear from you!

Best of luck in practice,
Frank Sardella