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3 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas Top Practices Use


by Frank Sardella

My activities have been closely associated with chiropractic marketing and finding and applying better, more-basic ways of generating new patients.

Frank Demonstrating PostureScreen Mobile at a Street Fair

Trace back twenty years or so, however, and find, at the core of these discoveries, isolation of three main components, unknowingly common to the most successful practices:

1. Volume,  2. Persistence,  3. Willingness to Let Go

Without trying to oversimplify, and while it is certain that other facets abound, these key attributes can be observed to account for dominating, precision, new-patient campaigns, ones which tend to result in converted, full-blown, wellness-minded referral machines.

Step Zero? Where Do You Start Before Even Taking Your First Step?

Every activity can be considered to have a start, a middle and an end. This is something found to be overlooked in modern-day chiropractic marketing innovation. Step-by-step procedures always start with step one, however, neglect that there is “Step Zero” – a starting point from which to take your first step.

There is a specific perspective required to best relay information to potential newcomers to the chiropractic model, and it is not a doctor’s perspective This is step zero.

A miracle patient success in my own right, I have overlooked the fact that, in development of my successful chiropractic marketing methods, I was operating from a patient’s viewpoint, one which drastically differs from a chiropractor’s. It turns out that a patient viewpoint, not a doctor’s ,is the best jump-off point in screening or promotion.

Step One: Always Think and Work In Volume

Once a chiropractic marketer is operating from a patient’s perspective, a first step may be taken: Working in Volume.

Consider this: A salesman has merely one prospect. Desperation creeps in after his prospect shows disinterest or blows him off. The desperation itself also worsens the prospect turn-off. The salesman is sunk.

German Dental Group Uses Screening Experts Methods at Bridal Expo

Chiropractic marketers tend to leave themselves desperate to hear back from too few prospects. The remedy is abundance of prospects. Way less heartbreak. Elementary.


Attempts to market and expand are typically subject to gross underestimation of “how long will it take?”, especially among the most tenacious marketers or practice owners. In fact, those who claim to have had persistence and then failed, actually underestimated what persistence it really takes. Ironically, most of them commonly give up just before things are about to take off.

Here are the practice owners who have claimed a campaign “didn’t work” yet, are found to have only run it for one month when, perhaps, a longer duration was required.

Numerous Chiropractic Marketing Assistants coached invariably, 1.) felt it wasn’t working, 2.) wanted to give up and, 3.) felt pressure from the practice owner. In all cases, urging them to persist further always yielded a result.

Success comes with the realization that the persistence it takes to succeed extends far beyond that moment of thinking “this is not working” accompanied by the urge to give up.

Step Three: Be Willing to Let Go

By comparison, what would be your willingness to “cut someone loose” in a low-traffic versus a high-traffic event? Wouldn’t there be an element of desperation to hang onto prospects in the low-traffic venue?

Ironically following advice to persist, now a proviso to let go? Oddly enough if you can attain volume and persist long enough, the willingness to let go naturally follows and works out in terms of results. And, conversely, you will not be able to let anyone go if you don’t achieve volume and have adequate persistence.

Desperation falls away in the face of volume, persistence and willingness to cut loose.

Are There Are Other Factors Besides Steps 0-4?

Whether in print or by word-of-mouth, what is being said, who is saying it, etc., all make a difference in result. These factors, however, could all be summed up in the Step Zero, “Who is doing it?” and “What is being said?”

Simply these Steps 0-4 are THE basics on which top practices found their chiropractic marketing and on which rest all other methodological principles.

What Don’t Top Practice Owners Realize They Are Doing Right?

What does the typical referral-based practice owner not realize? Often unknowingly, he markets from a patient perspective, works in volume, persists beyond doubt and is willing to cut loose anyone he encounters.

These are the absolute basics derived from working with top practices for two decades. Each has been found to exhibit these basics. And, while other factors are significant, this can revive even the least of chiropractic marketing efforts.

How do I talk to someone? What do I say? How do I word this ad? These are the subject of other dissertations and are discussed in detail, thoroughly, in our coaching. All of them, however, have basis on the steps discussed here. Try implementing them and see.

Find out more in my Free Podcast entitled “Will Work For Patients”, specifically, Episode 3 “Get 1 New Patient a Day”.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck in practice.

Frank Sardella

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