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A Recent Marketing Client Success Blew Me Away…

In the day-to-day grind of even the most creative, purposeful work, it is really easy to lose sight of the effects you create. And that’s why I had to sit down when I read this message from my client…


Just today I received what I thought was just another email in a barrage of rush job orders, par for the course from this particular client. While I knew she was appreciative of my work, and whereas we have an amazing working relationship and synergy,

I wasn’t really expecting the magnitude of her words when she said she wanted to “write a little something about me” without any prompting form me.

Here is what Andrea had to say about my work:

“Since I have been working with Frank Sardella my business has expanded considerably.There were weeks when, literally, sales activity increased by 5X. I feel way less stressed and can relax knowing everything in the marketing area is being handled.

“Frank is such a professional in his creativity,

“I feel like I found my “other half” in business.”


All of my promotion is exactly how I want it.

“Frank also keeps me constantly motivated to reach for more and more and gets me into creating new ideas beyond what I am already doing which, in itself, creates expansion. He obviously cares about the future of my business, not just the present, a fact that helps me grow my business.

“One of his talents I have come to rely on is the fact that…

“he debugs, in seconds, any problem I have so I can move on and continue pursuing my dream.”

He always keeps me enthused and helps me out any way he can with virtually any help I need. I learn from him every day through his wisdom and skill.

“Frank’s work has enabled me to triple my income.

His work is amazing and he is just so awesome, perhaps the “awesomest” I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has my back and I feel like I am really active and alive in business and can achieve anything I want. Thank you so much!

– Andrea Fernandez, CEO Andy’s Quality Cleaning, Inc.

To say “floored” or “dumbfounded” would just not sufficiently communicate what I was feeling after reading this. A sense of pride in my work that had always been there but somehow had dipped down below my radar was suddenly front and center, and I had to tell the world. Hence this blog post.

Andrea is someone about whom I could easily write a reverse testimonial. She is a shrewd business woman but knows enough to know when she needs help and not only reaches for it but demands it. She runs a tight ship and imbues this attitude on all her employees. They are quite the cleaning company and I highly recommend checking them out regarding any business or residential cleaning or organizing needs.

I share this not only as an accomplishment of which I am very proud, and as a public acknowledgment of a client of whom I have grown very fond over the years, but as an inspiration for everyone to illicit this type of enthusiasm and gratefulness on the part of colleagues, clients and even casual acquaintances. I can tell you first hand it makes work entirely more fun and productive and it boosts and enhances creativity. I highly recommend it!

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