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10 Ways to Get a Patient


by Frank Sardella

With So Many Chiropractic Marketing Methods Available, Within the Confines of a Limited Budget, How Do You Pick?

Ways and means of new-patient procurement abound, but with only so much to spend, it can be a difficult choice. An apparent endless sea of systems, approaches and media exists with no hierarchy of effectiveness or importance.

Therefore, a classification of marketing activity and result is in order which we will consider and explain here. Form top to bottom, it lays out like this:


This shows various classifications of new patient procurement strategies and their relative distance from the ultimate desired product: THE COVETED “ARRIVAL”

This neither signifies nor implies that any of these forms of promotion are in any way ineffective. It just shows that, the farther distant from the top they are, the better and more precise must be their effectiveness showing a lower degree of difficulty the closer the top of the scale is approached.

Methods That Are The Highest Degree of Difficulty

Though more simplistic and less involved, the methods shown lower on the scale yet have to be much more communicative in nature to produce any kind of result. These methods show the least bit of control on the prospective patient to follow through.

In point of fact, an newspaper advertisement is sort of static, not interactive and needs to hit on the exact right things that motivate someone. It must get them to act but can not adjust if a reader does not respond.

Slightly Lower In Difficulty, Live “Generic” Events

A bit above print advertising would be health-related talks or screenings out at events that are not themselves wellness-related. For instance, Home Shows offer tons of traffic however, attendees are not expecting something health-related.  Therefore their state of mind must be changed before progress can be made.

This is also a high degree of difficulty but is better than advertising. I could be considered “in-person advertising” in fact. Social Media falls under this classification of new patient procurement.

Health-Related Venue or Public Wellness Event

Here are your health food store screenings, your health club screenings and talks as well as your community wellness days, fitness events, etc. The degree of difficulty lowers significantly in that the event or venue itself has attendees that are in a much more wellness-related state of mind.

The only challenge is that attendees may not have been expecting what you are offering at the event. Their state of mind needs changing but the alteration is much less than higher-degree-of-difficulty venues.

Corporate Wellness Events, Why Do You Covet Them So Much?

Most chiropractic marketers somehow know this inherently without realizing or being aware of it. Corporate events stand in a class by themselves and their value is not so much that the potential patient prospects are more financially qualified. It is more that they are expecting what is being offered that day and have been encouraged into a state of mind where they are thinking about health and wellness.

This venue still takes some work, but it is much less of an uphill climb and more of a gentle guidance toward an easy decision

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

You probably didn’t think you would find this one so far up on the scale, even above corporate events. What gives?

Search engines create positioning for your service based on actual searches users are doing using particular keywords. What you may not have considered is that, if someone searches “chiropractors Milwaukee” or “migraine headache remedies”, they are already in a state of mind where they are ready to do something or at least take a  next step. This puts SEO into the forefront of chiropractic marketing.

Professional Referrals, Especially MD’s

Considering that attorneys or medical doctors a.) do refer and, b.) are not excellent chiropractic screeners or marketers, there is something more to it. These professionals, especially MD’s, are actually ordering their patients or clients to follow up with the chiropractor. This makes them the utmost in new=patient generation. They are longer term to set up however are the lowest degree of difficulty being the closet to the top – a patient who books, confirms for and keeps his appointment with you!

How to Use This Scale to Get More New Patients

You can very easily use this scale and boost your new patient figures just by understanding it and sorting out our existing marketing into these categories and taking a look at how much effort you are applying for how little return. The return would be the actual volume of patients showing up for appointments.

You can make your marketing job easier by staying closer to the top of the scale and engaging in the corresponding activities, however you can also improve lower-scale activities just by seeing their distance form the top and adjusting your wording and activity accordingly.

Take a look at this scale. The, look at your practice using it. Make some adjustments and see what happens. You will undoubtedly learn something and hopefully make some marked improvements to your practice, your ROI and your bottom line.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck in practice.

Frank Sardella

Questions? [email us to get a PDF copy of our “Hierarchy of Chiropractic Marketing Activity Graph” and 15 min of free coaching on its use]

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