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Chiropractic Marketing


The best chiropractic marketing advice is it’s only limited by the far reaches of your imagination, not your wallet!

Your first order of business in organizing a chiropractic marketing campaign, if you are to achieve any practice growth whatsoever, would be to change your view of what you are able to do. I wrote a book called “201 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas” and the only reason it was 201 was that I could have gone on all day and easily made it a book you would never finish. The combinations and possibilities are endless and they do not have to cost a lot of, if any money at all.

Change your mind if you think that marketing is expensive or something only large practices do. Any successful practice owner will tell you that they are prospering and expanding because of their marketing, not the other way around.

Practice growth depends upon marketing strategically and creatively

Yes you need a strategy and yes you need promotion going out the door. But creativeness is perhaps the most important quality. Looking at the unique combination of your area, its demographics and the various combinations of promotion you can be doing is really all you need to succeed.

I recently had a client figure out what a local gym was missing, a problem they were having with members and showed him how one of his services could not only get him patients from the gym, but help the gym in the process, making them an ally for life.

Expand your view and keep it simple. There are hundreds of things you can do whether you have budget or not. And practice growth happens by expanding one program at a time and gradually the money comes in and is available for bigger and better promotion.

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