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given by Frank Sardella, Host of Will Work 4 Patients Practice Growth Podcast
given by Frank Sardella, Host of Will Work 4 Patients Practice Growth Podcast

How to Close People You Couldn’t Previously Close New Patient and Reactivaion Webinar | $149.95

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Attend this breakthrough webinar and master…

– How to close those you failed to before
– 3 ways to get more people to arrive in the office
– Sure-fire tricks to stimulate, create and boost referrals
– 2 vital patient retention tools
– Getting way better attendance to in-office events
– 4 things you need to know about follow-up that results in arrivals
– How to get patients to stay longer under care
– A top former patient reactivation technique
– How to stop stalking and start motivating leads and patients
– How to get people to take action instead of blowing you off

Thursday July 28th | 1:30 pm EDT/12:30 pm CDT and 1:30 pm MDT/12:30 pm PDT

Join Frank Sardella, host of Will Work 4 Patients practice growth podcast for modern wellness professionals and 21 year veteran chiropractic and wellness advocate and marketer, for a webinar that will not only knock your socks off, but which will give you tools you can use IMMEDIATELY and apply to result just after you finish the webinar! All modern wellness professionals need to attend.

“This is going to be like 10 HOURS OF COACHING rolled into one webinar, based on coaching breakthroughs recently in getting my clients to CLOSE WAY MORE IN-OFFICE ARRIVALS to be closed as new or reactivated patients.” – Frank Sardella


Because the Majority of People You Try to Close DO NOT Close!

Go to a screening or a talk, do any advertising or promotion, and you will find that the majority of the people you reach do NOT close on coming to see you in your clinic. It’s not only about time we acknowledged this, it’s high time we decided what to do with them. Should you live with closing a minority of people you reach? Only if you want to fail in practice. Finally, there is a solution to bounce back from that and start growing, faster, better, stronger!

Why Settle for a Minority of Closes?

Just because a crappy statistic exists in any area doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Don’t you, after all, tell your patients that because something is common that it isn’t normal? Of course you do. Well, hear this: just because, statistically, you close way less than you approach doesn’t mean it is a fact you must accept. In fact, you should be doing EVERYTHING you can to change it. And this webinar puts that power within reach.

Are you stalking or following up?

Do you fail to close appointments at a screening or talk and then keep calling to make the same offer the person refused in the first place? Does it feel like stalking? Well it just might be. Let’s face it. If someone isn’t ready to do something today, left to their own devices for even a short time, they are unlikely to want to tomorrow, especially without further convincing. In fact, time lapsing after the close is most likely spent “unconvincing” themselves or getting bad or even false information from others.Repeating your close is not only robotic, it is a bit ridiculous and can have an opposite effect, even labeling you a stalker!

What would better control of people and situations with regard to patient retention and new patient referrals do for you and your practice or career?

This is such an obvious question but it needs consideration. If you could control situations better to get people to do what you want to do, what would it look like in visits, new patient figures, retention and overall income for your practice? Now you can have that control. Attend this webinar and learn what you can do NOW to change your results TODAY, without lengthy coaching

Get trained in under an hour and see the difference in your approach and result IMMEDIATELY. You need this now. Sign up today.

Who Should attend?

This webinar is for PRACTICE OWNER AND ALL STAFF. Based on recent coaching calls with practice owners, associates, subcontract practice professionals and CA’s alike, it was found that NO ONE IS EXEMPT from knowing this as it is not practiced at all and has been isolated as the weak point. This also solves the issue of the practice owner being great at it but staff not getting nearly the level of result when turned over. Here is how to get EVERYONE on board in the practice getting results with arrivals.

Seating is limited to 25 so sign up now!

Unlimited staff may attend per single login (i.e. unlimited staff may view from one computer or device only)

Close Way More Webinar Registration | $149.95 unlimited staff – 1 logon

REPLAY-ON-DEMAND (Approx 1 Hr Runtime)
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Close Way More Webinar Registration | $179.95 personlized w/ unlimited staff, custom date

For just $30 more, get personalized delivery to your staff only at your convenience of date and time!
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