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Is ‘Affordable Care’ Stunting Your Practice Growth?


Chiropractic Marketing Crisis.

No, here is not the start of a political treatise on healthcare reform, nor is there intention to stir up controversy. It’s not even a discussion about coverage issues. By now you have investigated so-called “Affordable Care” as it affects your practice and personal life. There seems little more to be said. In fact, you may have determined little will change and find it all quite innocuous.

Some effects of this healthcare program are rather insidious, not the least of which is something that will affect your practice markedly and statistically. It is a vital ramification that has been overlooked by most docs. For, its oversight could ruin entire practices.

The Hidden Problem Exposed: Patient Hardship

While we can discuss endlessly the best chiropractic marketing ideas, new patients, referrals and practice growth, all is inconsequential in light of eventual patient inability to afford care. Considering both doctor and patient angles alike, the onslaught of drastic “reforms” to our healthcare system apparently creates a problem for chiropractors that is two-fold:

1. Inability of patients to afford coverage or,

2.  Financial penalty for none

Either way, the problem will be more patient financial hardship hampering the treatment-plan sales process. This will contagiously spread economic difficulty from patient to doctor and, hence, require better, smarter chiropractic marketing, predicated on generating better-qualified patients in significantly greater volume.

Something Way More Important Than Chiropractic Marketing

There exists a subject of far more importance than chiropractic marketing, intrinsic to any promotional effort’s effectiveness:

Creating an Abundance of New-Patient Potentials

I have yet to find truth in that “it takes money to make money” or to witness any doc who owns a sizeable and successful practice to have had a fortune on-hand to invest at the outset. Quite contrarily, such have proven to be some of the most economical misers on record.

What seems to work best is a smart approach utilizing volume principles of lead generation through more action and less money. There are numerous ways you can do just that.

It is the creation of this abundance that allows for larger margins for error, skillset or, in this case, higher volume of “unqualified prospects” walking around. Again, abundance is the key.

No matter the closing percentage or case average, increasing volume increases the result. It is abundance that will save the day.

What Do You Stand to Lose?

If you were to calculate your average case income, you would not only realize what one new patient is worth to you, there would be an instant measuring stick of loss.

If you were to multiply the number of potential patients you could have gotten but didn’t, times your average case income, you would have a figure we call “lost income”.

Potential income not realized is actually lost income. Failed practices are found to have met their demise in lost income.

Hands Down, the Best Thing You Can Do to Dodge This Bullet…

Whether you see it or not, your practice is in potential crisis. There is a hidden but very real consequence on the horizon for ignorance of it. It is the hardship many are to likely face when confronted with increased healthcare expense or levied penalty for non-compliance.

Either way it all adds up to less money available for expenditure by each patient, with a resultant potential lowering of case average. Improved sales skill will be paramount and marketing vital. The safeguard for all of it, however, is this concept of “abundance”.

Increased volume of chiropractic marketing activity is the dodge of any income bullet fired from any direction. And, it just may save your life one day.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck in practice.

Frank Sardella


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