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Frank Sardella

Chiropractic marketing may be a must, but getting too focused on it can actually shrink a practice or halt practice growth

This is the premise on which Frank Sardella has built up a unique chiropractic marketing advice platform of simple, scriptless techniques developed out of decades worth of in-the-trenches work, one-on-one with the public on the subject of chiropractic.

Frank discovered early on that getting to focused or obsessed with practice marketing can get a practice owner off-purpose, introverted, and convinced it takes money to grow the practice and that, lacking skill and money, expansion isn’t possible. The halt and shrinkage happen from there.

“Chiropractic marketing is only limited by the bounds of your imagination and not your wallet”

You will hear this repeatedly from Frank who has had much experience working with docs who have very little start-up marketing budgets. He considers himself a bottomless well of ideas on marketing, especially those which only require an investment of something more valuable than money: communication. And he uses communication in its fullest sense and to the greatest extent in all scenarios of clever practice marketing campaigns and tactics. According to him:

“Practice growth happens because of actions and communication, not money.”

This is all clear in his forthcoming book “201 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas” which is the culmination of a challenge Frank made to himself to come up with over 200 ideas which cost little or no money, but which could make use of communication skill and persuasive chiropractic marketing at its finest. He literally sat down one day and compiled a list of 201 ideas to see if it was possible.

“I actually had to stop after 201, when I accomplished the challenge, but the exercise made me realize I could come up with 201 more several times over. That’s when I realized that practice marketing was only limited by the bounds of your imagination, not your wallet!”

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