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5 Fast New-Patient Hacks

getnewpatientsYou may know how to get them in general, but do you know how to get new patients right now?

I really mean THIS INSTANT! But, I must warn you, this will require you to face up to something you may be avoiding: screening actual people! Factually, the fastest way to get a new patient is, using no vias, to directly to communicate to someone and get them to come see you. This requires that you have screening skills, but also some places to meet people. Covering both bases, you can, in fact, get new patients now in these 5 ways.

Start talking to people

I really mean everyone you meet. People with a limp? Neck brace? Any obvious symptom? Start invading some personal space. Strike up a conversation by asking. One of the many observations I have made is that people respond and become more interested when an expert becomes interested in their injury, symptom or condition. Just your interest in it can make them more curious. It’s just a verbal screening from there on out, but to them it’s just conversation with a caring doctor. Let them know at the end that you would like to check it out and that you can give them some answers.

Get other people to introduce you to more people

Too many of us get to asking for referrals. I must admit, I have little patience with this process. I am a little more direct. Try asking, “who could you introduce me to that has a problem that I could help with such as headaches or back pain or neck pain?” (etc.) Ask people to introduce you to someone. Don’t bother asking for them to talk to the person or even just give their phone number. Have them call you on the spot and introduce you. Then it’s a verbal screening from there.

Go do some screenings

When I say do some screenings, I don’t mean what you have come to know as a screening. If you are like most chiropractors or wellness-based professionals, you hold this to be a sales pitch and find it degrading to even the slightest degree. This is absolutely true and I never do that! What you are describing is not a screening. It is a sales pitch and I would prefer to call it “begging” because that is what you are doing when you make offers and discounts and even collect deposits and payments at a screening. I have discovered something I teach called The Trus Screening Process which positions you as the expert and prompts a recommendation. People who participate in screenings expect a recommendation. This applies to talks as well.

Talk to those you’ve already spoken to

But, Frank, I send out birthday post cards and reactivation cards, I already do this!…..NOT! Let me tell you what I mean. As you can see from the above examples I am much more direct. You need to establish real communication with past leads and patients, get them on the phone YOURSELF, and have a regular conversation with them. Let them know you are checking in to see how they have been and have an actual conversation. Then work in some questions about their condition and health. It’s just a verbal screening from there at the end of which you recommend (not invite) them to come see you for a re-eval. Get real people on the phone. Do write letters but never mind this passive BS. Be direct. Oh, and don’t make just a couple of phone calls and consider it done. If yo want to get new patients now, you might as well GET EVERYONE!

Go where the people are

Your time already seems consumed but you need to squeeze in networking daily to potential places to talk to people if you want to get new patients now. Look for high-traffic places, where people hang out, shop or work. Every day make new contacts and follow up ruthlessly with past ones until you can schedule a chance to get some actual (not virtual) face time with clients, customers, employees, members, etc. If you have struck out in the past on this you, a.) weren’t reaching out to enough places at a time and b.) weren’t following up ruthlessly and repeatedly beyond one or two contacts. It takes 8-10 or even more quality contacts (conversations, etc) on average to make events happen.

Is this aggressive? Yes. But so is medicine and pharma

You bet this is aggressive. You have to be just to get through the noise. While you are thinking you’re too aggressive and persistent, the person you’re talking to doesn’t even hear you until the third, fourth, fifth time you say it. They then hear you for the first time. So loe your inhibitions and get through.

Using these 5 ways to get new patients now, you can step up your practice volume in terms of visits, collections and personal income. Just get out there and talk to as many people as you can everyday and when you run out, ask others to make introductions. Find and do screenings by working in volume, getting yourself where the people hang out – high-trafficky places! And, talk to those you may have lost touch with regularly. Be willing to help and offer real, sincere help and things will turn around.

This is the fastest way to get new patients now that I have ever seen and has kept me getting thousands referred directly to chiropractors for more than 20 years now. If you would like to know more about how to do this, reach out to me personally at and I will be happy to have a chat and give you a strategy to follow. Best of luck in practice!

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