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Getting Your Practice Growth on the Fast Track!

Okay it’s simple. I read a book called “Fast Tracking Your Prosperity: 21 Lessons In Professional & Personal Success” by Dr Daniel Margolin and it reminded me of you and a couple of key problems you face in growing your practice. And I simply needed to tell you all about it.

The irony? Hey, c’mon, you know, if you read me, I simply MUST have a little irony in every situation. Makes things interesting. So, the ironic part about this book is it is written by a podiatrist!

Please, keep reading – you’re going to LOVE this! Let’s give you a little background first.

One of my best friends for years now is indeed a podiatrist. Strangely enough, and here is the room for more irony, he was a client of a consulting group with which I was apprenticing. Yes, he, at the time, was getting schooled on what tools to use as an executive to be able to administrate and build a gigantic practice. And here I am, years later, talking about his book! I smell a lesson or two to be learned here, don’t you?

So, what can be learned from someone who was nearly bankrupt early in practice and went on to build giant practices for himself and his clients? Apparently, at least 21 things…

All I can tell you is that, having been an insider on this book project, and by that I mean that I merely know the author personally, I was able to get a preview of the book, reading several chapters in advance of release. Just by this sampling alone I was sold on not only the book, but an entire way of thinking. No, it didn’t invalidate my way of thinking, which I consider pretty freakin’ awesome. But it gave me a look deeper into my own thinking and what experiences of my own, seemingly innocuous, were actually quite valuable and relevant at present!

Dr Dan Margolin actually didn’t set out to write a book. This is the first thing I enjoyed about it. It’s honest. Why? These “life and professional lessons” were originally intended for his little girl. He simply wanted to give her something of his experience to help guide her to make the right and better choices. Luckily a friend approached him about making it into a book because the resultant publication is nothing short of spectacular!

While I can talk on and on about each of the 21 lessons, what can be learned from Dan can be summed up in just a few key ideas including removing living, breathing barriers to your prosperity. Dan covers what types of people and actions to look out for in your vacinity, especially your staff, but also in your circles of friends, family and acquaintences – even people whom you have not met yet from whom you have taken a great deal of advice.

Dan answers “Does being nice get you ahead?” in an early chapter with astounding enlightenment which is not only sound advice, but a cautionary rule of thumb that can actually be the difference between practice life and death!

We’ve all heard variations of the phrase “no more Mr Nice Guy” or, as Dan references in his book, the ever popular “nice guys finish last”, challenging its validity and considering it from all angles, but seldom do we really get an answer to the question. In fact, it has become simply a post-failure label. In this chapter, however, Dan shows some of the core applications of it especially with regard to practice staff who are insidiously undermining and secretly destroying the practice, all while you passively allow it while remaining oblivious. The real anecdotes he tells in this chapter hit home for me because they fit so perfectly the scenarios I hear in my coaching every day with my clients.

For such a short book, there is literally too much information to explain in summary. In other words, you should buy the book. Oh yeah… and read it!

This may come off a joke, but it is really what I recommend doing. As a matter of fact, I am preparing a letter to send to ALL my clients, past and present, to tell them to do the same. It really had that much of an impact on me. These are lessons EVERY practice owner should learn, know and APPLY to really make it in practice.

What should you do?

Well I think that’s pretty obvious but, if not, buy your copy of Fast Tracking Your Prosperity on Amazon. Then, if you wouldn’t mind reaching out, I would love to hear what you thought of it. I know you’re going to love it!

Enough said. Now go grow your dream practice!

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