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Hiring CA’s in Easy 3 Steps

Hiring CA’s is often considered a nightmare and a burden. Does anyone succeed at it ever? It’s high time we heard from someone who does!

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Recently I was joined on my show by Monika Sardella, my wife, who has not only been in chiropractic nearly 15 years, she is also a successful recruiter and trainer for more than 75 staff of CA’s, associate docs and tech personnel in a very busy multi-disciplinary practice. Although this fact alone does not make her an expert, her experience does, but not just from hiring. Throughout her trials and tribulations over the years, she has managed to view practices from a variety of angles and has learned and accumulated her collective knowledge of the subject, piecing it together morsel by morsel. And the payoff is big. Here are 3 specific highlights from her interview which can be used as “steps” for hiring CA’s that are effective and who are not likely to flake out!

1. Define the ideal before doing anything else!

The most common complaint I hear from chiropractors is that the staff they are finding are incompetent. This is a generality I have accepted at face value for years. Recently I started asking for more specifics and found a few things lacking, including job description and training not being specific enough or clearly defined. Docs know in their head what they want but aren’t communicating it fully, assuming certain things as givens.

Monika offers a stroke of brilliant advice in hr interview and hiring CA’s. She is very specific in how she hires. By “specific” I mean that she defines clearly what she is looking for before she even puts out a single advertisement that she is looking to fill a position. She, first defines the position itself and its requirements, down to the last detail, then spells out some exact qualifications, far beyond the normal “self-starter who is motivated” type of generality, qualities anyone can say they have in an interview just to get the job.

2. Be VERY specific in the advertising and interviewing process.

Once the position and person qualifications are defined and described in detail, an advertisement and posting is composed with ALL details contained within. Monika reports that she puts all specifics pertinent to the job in the ad. Far beyond “motivated, self-starter” type jargon, she gets the details down to the last “able to spend 8 hours per day on your feet” into the ad to help start the screening and weeding out process before she talks to a single respondent. A very clever approach to hiring CA’s, indeed, one which packs a little more punch than any normal attempt at it.

3. Have patience and don’t settle for less than what you want.

To all those who think hiring CA’s is a difficult and annoying venture, here is where you may be falling down. According to Monika, she has had to try out as many as 20 people on average for one position, a figure far beyond what any of us had previously believed, let alone tried. And, while it will not necessarily take that for every position you have to fill, it does put things in perspective as far as regards how long you need to stick to it. Mind you, this is 20 people trying out for the position and implies many more interviews would need to be done to end up with this many finalists. Think about how many attempts you make, how many interviews you do. Is it enough by this standard? How soon do you give up?

You can win at hiring CA’s. You just need to count to 3!

While Monika went into much greater detail in her interview, even a brief summary of her approach can serve to debunk trouble in hiring CA’s and retaining them. I know first-hand from not only seeing her in action as a recruiter, but having seen her, in a consultant capacity, solving the problem of a doc who’s front desk turned over every few days. Monika went in and learned the job directly form the doc, performed it for a week while making a tedious record of its duties, assisted in selecting and hiring an ideal CA for the job, trained the person on her written account and ended up with the CA lasting for years in the position.

What is her secret? Aside from some details about each which must be practiced, she basically counted to 3 with these principles and made it happen. From a staff of 2 all the way up and beyond 100, no matter. This applies across the board and even the worst situations. Hiring CA’s can not only be done – it can be fun!

For full details and more advice, tune in to the episode and listen in!

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