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Chiropractic Marketing Advice and News

Who better than a Rogue Chiropractic Screener to provide FREE Chiropractic Marketing Advice?

I’m Frank Sardella, the Rogue Screener, and miracle patient success in my own right. My life is one big, fat testimonial and, rather than become a doc, I decided my game was to become, not a practice-marketer, but a Chiropractic advocate who would spread the word worldwide, getting millions to know about, understand and pursue Chiropractic as a potential option and let you do the magic that you do.

I created to form a collective of marketing power to grow your practice!

While I am a top screener who gets results and can get others to get doctors and staffs to do the same, I realized, a while back, that I am not going to be expert in every field. That’s when I began building an arsenal of affiliate partnerships with those who had premium products and service that would create a portfolio for any practice owner with the perfect complement of functions to reach and exceed specific and desired practice goals, all to the result of building a Chiropractic world.

And, while I accomplished it with my coaching, my podcast and my affiliate partnerships, I wanted to go further. Hence this collection of experts in their own right, who contribute to a centralized library of content, FREE to practice owners. And it is with great pride that I step up as chief editor and present to you

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