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How to Make Your Images and Videos Look Better for the Web

Tony’s Media Tip of the Month for August 2018


A lot of people know how to resize images for the web but not a lot know this little tip that makes a big difference. Many people use free image editing programs such as IrfanView, etc. or they use Photoshop or similar programs and they resize the picture and leave it at that.

But resizing an image blurs the picture slightly. If after you resize it you then choose the Sharpen filter (also in most image editing programs), this restores the resized image to close to its original clarity. In IrfanView, I find a setting of 30 works very well.

Another tip is that when looking for images on the web to use for your website, it’s often hard to find exactly what you’re looking for at the free image sites, or even the paid stock photo sites, but if you go to Google and enter images:[subject you’re looking for] like this:

images:funny cats

you’ll get thousands of images to choose from. If you click on one you like, Google says, “Images may be subject to copyright”, but how do you know if it is or whether you can use it?

If you go to it will search the web for all uses of that image and let you know if it is freely being used (typically means it’s available). or whether it is from a stock image site that you’d have to pay for.

I tested numerous images on a big site recently and only 4 needed to be paid for at $10 each. It’s not infallible, but it’s a very good start.


Regarding video, many times people are disappointed when they first see their videos on a PC because they look dark and washed out. This is because the way PC monitors show video is completely different than how TVs or camera LCDs do (the same dark washed-out video when played on a TV screen will look bright and clear again).

Most video editing software has filters to compensate for this, often called things like “Auto Levels”, “Auto Correct” etc., but sometimes these produce strange results.  I typically like to add a small amount of brightness and contrast, and a smidge of sharpening when editing footage that will end up on the web.

I hope these tips help.

best wishes,

Tony Rockliff

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