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Marketing Dilemma #1: Copy Your Competitors and Expect to Beat Them

The Chiropractic Marketing Dilemma – How/What To Market and Advertise

Pepsi had it figured out when they said “If you can’t be first, be different”.

Have you ever witnessed an ad that was trying to piggyback on another ad that was popular? Most people often reflect more on the original ad than the company that copied the ad. Think of all the free marketing they just got because they were first. This is the Chiropractic Marketing Dilemma.

To conquer this chiropractic marketing dilemma,  when starting an advertising or marketing campaign, try to think a little outside the box. Great marketers are the ones that push their brand into different types of media.

The 3 Most Important Parts of Marketing

So to beat your competition means to be different. Sometimes so different it can feel uncomfortable. But oftentimes that’s when true genius is born. But remember – in all your marketing you’ll need the three most important parts:

A Headline
An Offer
A Deadline (or max. limit)

Next, you’ll need to dig deep into your brain and figure out what your offer is, and then see if your competition is doing it. If so, how can you make it different? (tip: don’t make it the same offer, with a different price)

Now if you are the only one in your city that is going to start a marketing plan, guess what: YOU get the be the “Coke” and everyone else gets to be the “Pepsi”. But if you are jumping into the Marketing and Advertising part of building your practice, with all of your competition taking up all the ad spaces and organic searches, it’s going to take you more work to emulate them and a smaller payout for your efforts – unless you do things differently.

5 points to successfully market your practice

So how CAN you do things differently? In my opinion, getting an in-depth diagnostic on where you are currently is the best way to start. In other words: stats.

How many new patients did you get last year?
How many regular patient visits did you get last year?
What were your total charges last year?
How much did you actually collect last year?
How much product (other than services) did you sell last year?

Answering those 5 basic questions will give any marketing agency the info they need to help you put together a killer marketing program. It will also show you what type of return on investment (ROI) to demand in order for your marketing dollar to be spent well (and how much of a budget to set).

We’ve taken my practice, and created a giant ubiquity footprint. We are in all types of media and marketing, getting 7-9 new patients a month on the internet, and doing things the normal way, and also doing things differently. We get to be Coke AND Pepsi!

In order to make a splash online you need to be visible.

You need to be heard. You need to be talked about. Online marketing is just one of six types of marketing you can do for your clinic to make it successful and avoid the Chiropractic Marketing Dilemma. Having your finger on the pulse of your clinic by weekly stat updates will give you enough insights to know what to expect with any marketing investment.


In my next article, I’ll be talking about the different types on marketing you should be doing, and how much time, effort and money each may require.

Until then – start thinking about the types of offers or advertisements your clinic can do that’s different, yet still profitable – for generating new patients or selling products and services to existing patients – and how to do it in a fun, memorable way that makes you DIFFERENT.


Jerry Dreessen DC is in active practice outside Seattle WA. He has helped many clients increase their online presence. You can hear him speak on Franks Podcast, Will Work 4 Patients ==> HERE, as well as visit his site and learn one of the tools he uses to get noticed online through Chiropractic Review Videos

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