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How to Reduce No-Shows!

No-Shows are foremost cause of practice failure costing you time, dollars and sanity too!

How to Eliminate No-Shows For Good!
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How much time have you spent worrying over and chasing up no-shows? Those who take up your valuable patient spots others could have had. What is it costing you overall?

No-shows are the leading cause of just plan giving up. You know you hate them. Those holes in the schedule cost time and money, not to mention the worst kind of lost income: that which you never got.

No-shows are not a problem, however. They are a SYMPTOM.

There are factors which lead to a no-show which, when addressed, eliminate the problem. What are those factors and who is creating them? Well…it’s YOU, my friend, in many ways.

Are you making offers at your screenings, at the end of your talks and in your advertising?

Do you find yourself asking people if they are interested or giving them choices?

Are you forever explaining chiropractic or wellness, handling negatives and discussing therapy?

Are you trying to re-educate prospective new patients, fighting misinformation?

And, are you trying to convince people their problems affect their life?

These are classic “breeders” of no-shows… Yes, YOU are doing it!

What have you done to try to handle the no-shows issue?

Charge large deposits or consult fees?

How about stalking leads with confirmation and missed appointment calls?

Say goodbye to no-shows and hello to ARRIVALS!

That’s right. The most valuable commodity in practice is not a new patient, but an arrival! Arrivals are the make-break between practice growth and shrinkage, prosperity and ultimate failure.

YOu are a 50-80% closer in-office if you could just get them to SHOW!

By survey, the majority of chiropractors and wellness professionals say they have an 80% batting average in closing treatment plans. The ones who feel they are “terrible” say 50% – which ain’t bad at all!

80% of ZERO is still ZERO!
You could be the best closer this side of the planet, but if no one ever arrives…well, you get the point.

Sign up now for this incredible webinar and find out how to eliminate no-shows from your practice life and start gaining ground and taking advantage of that 50-80% close rate you are so proud of.

And watch that practice grow before your very eyes! Sign up today!

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