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Practice Growth Resources

practice growthPractice growth depends on foresight and planning, but to get anything done, you need tools>

I set out to help chiropractors and modern wellness professionals expand their practices exponentially and to spread wellness rapidly. I quickly realized that I didn’t have to be expert in every area of marketing to accomplish this end. In fact, many experts had their areas of expertise. Hence, if I could find a way to bring a custom set of services to practice owners, we would have it made, with all the best specialists working as one team to achieve true practice growth.

Practice growth resources through brilliant partnerships

My vision for is to isolate all facets of practice management and find services and resources to help develop them individually. The result was to form “Practice Growth Partnerships” which would allow us to offer services from other companies. The result is the ability to create strategic plans using a team of specialists. Collectively we all work toward the same goal: yours!

Everyone has different issues hindering practice growth. Why make cookie cutters?

The “cookie cutter” approach is now outmoded and obsolete. The new wave of healthcare is in integrative care. Why would practice growth be any different? Why not marketing too?

You may have a staffing issue that blocks your progress while another practice owner may find difficulty in basic marketing or sales skills. Some many have any number of combinations of issues. The point is to make those combinations of issues into a strategic use of specialists in each field to make for ultimate practice growth.

Hand-selected practice growth partners to give you the best of service

I have painstakingly researched, interviewed and selected partners and products that I have found to be of high standard and proven result. Our partners have products that uphold the same high standards that we hold in our areas of expertise. From software to marketing, we are always looking for new products and services to cover all bases. And we won’t stop until we are a “one-stop shop” for practice growth.

Check out our partners and resources

Hover over the “Practice Growth Resources” tab to reveal a menu of service and product partners and check out the pages we have built to explain their services in detail. This is a free resource for you to check them out and even get a good deal here and there.

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