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The Difference Between Successful Chiropractors and You Is Not MONEY!

When it all breaks down, you perceive the difference between some else’s very wealthy and prosperous practice and yours is money; income. But does this perception and assessment lead to a successful practice of your own? Obviously not!

You have a practice. Perhaps you’re struggling or just getting by. Maybe you are moderately successful. Or maybe you are just simply comfortable. No matter your status, it is likely you have had the experience of observing another practitioner being far more successful than you according to your standards. And this is puzzling.

What you may not realize is that in so observing, you are actually doing a comparison, them to you. You are sizing them up not alone, but on a scale relative to your current size. This is logical and it is always necessary to have at least two things to make any conclusions on sizes or quantities. Despite logic, however, any assessment would be considered lacking if it didn’t lead to some useful practicality, some change or improvement which could be made based on it, especially by copying. But how do you copy wealth? Perhaps you are looking at the wrong feature.

We all realize copying someone else is a great way to accomplish a desired end. But how do you copy someone who is wealthy and who has lots of income? Is it possible to copy “having money” or prosperity itself?. Uhm….NO!

Herein lay the problem: Looking at someone successful, it is easy to want to copy the things the have acquired, but heartbreaking that these things can not be secured from your current position. You can emulate the person himself and even try and drive the right car or dress a certain way. Still, no duplicate wealth, success or prosperity.

So, obviously the issue has nothing to do with money, income, material possessions or the like. So what does it mainly concern?

Aside from differences in money or income, how do you do a comparison between yourself and someone more successful and have it actually help you improve your lot?

The essence of comparison, practical comparison, would have to be based on actions.

Let’s bottom line this thing, shall we? What you should be concentrating on is not someone else’s success itself. This is simply envy, which can be a great fuel for your own success, but which obsession can be dangerous.

The correct focus would be on actions. But which actions? Based on the above reasoning, being obsessed with someone’s success alone, one could find those actions to be driving a Rolls or flying in private jets to exotic destinations or “living large” in general. Yes these are actions, but these actions are the results of something. The real actions to emulate are the ones that caused the success in the first place and which are maintaining it.

Up until now, resentment and envy have been the only two solutions, as they help explain away, not the success of others, but your own failure. This is a supposed easy way out but the result is far from easy on your temperament or conscience and never constitutes a way out!

It is easy to become trapped into thinking that “living the life” is what you should emulate. Now, of course you should live life to the fullest, as cliche as it is, because there is much truth to it. But excess and material things are not necessarily a measure of a person’s prosperity. In fact, even in the most successful, they may be more of a prediction of short duration of prosperity, as in failure may be just around the bend due to lavish uncontrolled spending, etc. For even the most successful are no less susceptible to failure due to their actions.

Especially if you haven’t yet achieved your desired level of success, trying to live large before you are is probably an indication things will only get worse and more painful.

So, can you grow your practice to the size of another’s that you envy and achieve their level of success, prosperity and wealth? Only under ONE CONDITION…

The one condition: Duplicate actions. Priod.

Let me clarify that. Duplicate actions that it took to build that level of success and maintain it. Stop envying or even resenting and just look. What would it take to build the same? Look at what someone else is doing actually or did to get to that level.

In the end you can not be denied success because you don’t have what they have, especially in terms of budget, money sitting in the accounts or even possessions. These just don’t come into play at all which is why, when concentrated upon, are actually productive of no or even negative results in your own quest for sizable and significant practice growth.

But, doesn’t it take money to build a dream practice or boom your existing one? I mean, that wealthy practice I see obviously has tons of money to spend on chiropractic marketing. ANSWER: Simply-stated, NO!

The money factor has little or nothing to do with it. Sure, someone may have had start-up money, but maybe so did you. Perhaps you allocated yours differently, spending the majority on the build-out and an x-ray machine while someone else dumped it into a marketing campaign. This happens more often than not and you can read about it in an article I wrote about allocating borrowed funds to grow a practice properly.

Still, money has little to do with it. There will be actions, marketing and promotion actions, operational actions, community relations actions and even personal actions and scenarios. These are the things one needs to seek out and emulate to make a duplicate or exceeded prosperity. This is the comparison you should be making between you and someone operating at a much higher level of success than yours.

What would I suggest you do to duplicate or exceed the success of those you find ideally prosperous in practice? What things can YOU do to end the envy and resentment and start living the life?

I would suggest 3 things:

1. Make note of others who have done it and look at them without a view jaded by subtle resentment and decide what it is about them or their practice that you would want. Also establish WHAT YOU CONSIDER IDEAL FOR YOURSELF. Nothing can be more important than the latter. After all, it is YOUR life you want to live, not someone elses! Then do an actual, factual, honest comparison. See what is different in how you operate and what you are doing. This includes your personal life. This may be found to be most important. What is the difference between you and the the practice owner personally? Many find they themselves are actually engaging in actions, even in their personal lives, that are stopping their professional success. These can be changed too, no matter how dreadful!

Next, closely observe the ACTIONS which have been and are being taken by this wealthy group in building and maintaining their current success and prosperity. Literally, list them out and duplicate them as they have been proven to work already. Don’t get caught up in how much everything will cost. You will be surprised at how many things you can accomplish in practice promotion and growth just by getting a little creative. When you find something costs money, don’t look at it as a barrier. That will stop you in your tracks. Look at it as a challenge. Change the problem from “Well that sucks. I guess that ends that. We can’t afford it!” to, “How the hell am I going to fund this thing?” Do you see the difference? Keep in mind that you would borrow money to fix the leaky roof on your practice. Why don’t you feel that way about your chiropractic marketing efforts? The leaky roof fixed will not bring more new patients and income. Marketing will grow your practice to be able to afford leaky roof fixes galore!

Finally, create an action plan to abolish blocks to your success whether self-imposed or external to your activities and which lays out planned actions which were proven successful by those you would like to emulate.

As a note on practice growth marketing, I really mean it, BORROW if you have to to do the promotion and do promotion you have seen successful in others.

Envy and resentment of another’s prosperity doesn’t do anything for your own success. In fact it hinders it, encompassing one of the greatest practice killers of all. Look to your own desires and compare them. Then compare actions and you have the best strategic practice growth plan ever devised by even the most experienced and talented professional. After all, how do you think those professionals got to be so good? THIS was their secret. And there was no other. Now it is your secret too.

Now that you know the secret, the question is: What are you going to do with it?

Advice? Go grow your practice and make others envy you! I won’t stop you from thanking me for it.

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