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The Different Types of Practice Marketing You SHOULD Be Doing

Let’s face it, “Always Be Marketing” or “Always Be Selling” is in the lifeblood of most chiropractors.

It has to be, since we don’t have a huge marketing firm doing print, TV and Radio ads like hospitals and medical groups have.

We are the proud owners of multiple hats, each one worn at different times, or all at once, depending on the hour of the day. Which takes up a TON of bandwidth if we don’t balance it out properly.

Which is why categorizing your marketing is one way to “hang up” that hat, and take back some of the bandwidth. I have been lucky enough to have worked with most of the top chiropractic marketing firms, as well as take courses and be certified with non-chiropractic marketing guru’s. From Facebook to Google Ads, Reputation Management to Digital Asset Building, I have take a HUGE bite out of the systems that can benefit a chiropractic practice.

So what are the types? I have put together an outline for you to take a look at. Some of you have already done this, and others – its the first time. I’ve broken down the types and put them into two basic columns: Internal and External Marketing. You can actually have some marketing that can cross over into each column, which is OK, and each of those require a different type of procedure.

As I have talked about in the past in my podcast, knowing your return on investment (ROI) is going to be the driving force behind what you do in your town or city. Your outside marketing could be different if you are more rural vs in city. Doing the math and figuring out how much a new patient brings in over their lifetime of care (LOC), you can easily figure out how much money to invest into each marketing program.

For example, if your LOC is $800, 10% of that can be used for marketing. If you spend $500 on a marketing program, you should be aiming for $80 per new patient, in which case 6-7 new patients would be the ultimate target. In that scenario, you would need at least 2 new patients in order to break even.

Creating a marketing plan is broken up into seasons, and internal and external plans. Seasons will help you figure out the “flavor” of the marketing, and how to dress up the graphics. It will also help you aim your focus. For example, Backpack Safety can be an internal and external program, and works the best a few weeks before school starts, but can also be done 4-5 weeks after school starts, since the back pain complaints begin happening about that time.

Some of my favorite external marketing campaigns are:

Local Fairs
Spinal Screening locations (Sleep Number, Local Markets, Pharmacies)
Memberships (Rotary, Chamber of Commerce)
Leads groups – which can sometimes be a pain, since you HAVE to cross promote everyone each week – but worth it if you get in with a good group.
Elementary school talks (with take home info for parents)
PTA health talks or free mini massages for teachers (on teacher’s day)
Wellness talks for corporations, churches, small community groups
Free on-site massages for fire & police personnel

Some of my favorite internal campaigns have been:

Dinner with Doc
Patient Appreciation Day
40 things to say to a patient at each adjustment
Re-report of findings
Reputation Postings/ Reviews
Food Drive
Clothing Drive
Mother’s day special
Father’s day special
Refer a patient special
Kids day

And then there are the Social Media aspects of your practice:

YouTube video / channel
G Plus
Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest
Website / blog
Other types of digital assets
Landing Pages and Autoresponders

Which all need good, local content for high ranking returns.

Taking these, and assembling a system that is on autopilot is what’s next. My recommendation is to keep it simple and only add 3 from each category if you are just getting started. There are a lot of marketing guru’s out there that have the step-by-step plans if you need them. Heck, I bet even Frank has a few ; )

So with those examples in mind, you can begin to assemble your 1 year marketing plan. Keep what works, and trade out what doesn’t. As you move through the calendar, it will start to turn into your perpetual marketing machine, custom designed to your practice. It will also set the tone and momentum for keeping and breaking records, while your practice grows more and more.

Each of these campaigns are an in-depth teaching module. If you would like to know more about each of these, get in touch with Frank and he’ll point you in the proper direction. Feel free to comment below and list out what your marketing program calendar looks like as well!

In my next article, I want to talk a little about Reputation Management, and how you can turn your testimonials into multiple types of content, as well as how to address any negative or low-star reviews that may turn up along the way.

Jerry Dreessen DC is in active practice outside Seattle WA. He has helped many clients increase their online presence. You can hear him speak on Franks Podcast, Will Work 4 Patients ==> HERE, as well as visit his site and learn one of the tools he uses to get noticed online through Chiropractic Review Videos

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