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Hire & Pay Marketing CA’s

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How to Hire, Motivate and Pay Marketing CA’s | $6.95

The War Is Over! Now You Can Learn to Hire, Motivate, Bonus & Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants With NO Hassle, No Worry and All the New Patients You Want!

Get the ebook “How to Hire, Motivate and Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants” by Frank Sardella

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need an assistant or even want one, even if you don’t see a use for one, even if you think it’s impossible to find one, there is one thing for certain you will need to know anyway:

Your practice growth depends upon what is in this book.

For whom is this book written? It is written especially for the owner of your practice, the one who put you through chiropractic school, the one who desired to help others instead of keeping all the correct information on wellness for personal use only. It is for the one who desires to make a chiropractic world, or at least a chiropractic community. It is written for the chiropractor who owns a practice and wants to see it grow. And, of course, for those who want to create a “wellness-based practice” above all else. Yes, this book is written for you, the one I am in this to help, the one who deserves a hand…. read more by getting this ebook now!

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