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What to Pay Marketing CAs and Why You Should

There is much mystery and confusion, even arguments surrounding what to pay Marketing CAs. Is there a formula or at least some hope?

Short answer? Yes. But that isn’t the entire story. For you have probably experienced that trying to pay marketing CAs correctly, fairly or in a way that doesn’t break you has been, at best, an argument, and at worst, a non-existent practice. The confusion really comes, however, from some very simple, yet overlooked issues, all of which when addressed all but solve this age-old conundrum. So yes, there is hope.

Why trying to pay marketing CA’s causes arguments

In all the years I have been coaching, and even back when I was a marketing CA for a chain of practices, I have seen arguments between doctor and CA in this area galore. What are the wars and arguments over? Bonus. Who came in and were they worth a bonus? How much bonus should it be. There seems to be discord among docs and CA’s alike on this subject. But why?

While we could call these episodes “disagreements” on the subject, this implies that there had to be some kind of agreement in the first place. Here is the first lack in the situation. In fact, I have found that, even when there is an “agreement” made up front, it is not clear, or is subject to interpretation. Which brings us to the next main point…

What you think it means to pay marketing CAs vs what they think

You marketing CA (past or present) is definitely, without any doubt, interpreting the bonus and payment agreement in a completely different manor. Whether defining what “qualified” means or just simply who counts as what type of arrival and what constitutes credit for the referral, there are discrepancies between yours and their view of such situations. This is the foundation of the upset, turmoil and, eventually, collapse of the area.

What to actually pay marketing CAs

What to actually pay marketing CAs doesn’t have to be a touchy subject. It can be quite smooth. Simply knowing what you have read here can certainly clear up a few situations with a little time and thought put into drawing up the rules of the game in an agreement between you and your CA.

Beyond that a firm agreement, very detailed is key, but a check of the interpretation of each party (doctor and CA) is warranted. In other words, don’t just draw it up in explicit and endless detail, with every scenario accounted for without checking that both of you read it the same way. Draw it up and discuss each point and ask for your CA’s interpretation or explanation of what he or she takes it to mean. The arguments happening in that circumstance up front will help avoid them down the road and harmony can prevail. After that, let the patients flow in!

As for details for how to actually set up an agreement, what the agreement should include, how and what to bonus, etc. you can check out my eBook on the subject entitled “How to Hire, Motivate & Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants [CMA’s]”

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