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Why Does Your Chiropractic Marketing Fail to Get New Patients?


Try as you may, campaign after campaign, you start a promotion, fund it and run it and end up pulling the plug. But, why do none of them seem to work? With no solution in sight, is it a hopeless cause? It turns out, the marketing didn’t fail at all. In fact, it probably worked without you noticing!

I am always discussing the things I hear in my many conversations with docs. One of the most popular things I have heard in regard to practice growth frustration is so-called “failed” chiropractic marketing campaigns.

You know the scenario. You invest some money in promotion and advertising and it appears that nothing happens. Either you, as you put it, “get no patients out of it” or “get no return” and you move on to something else, eventually to conclude that “nothing works in your area”. Is this in the ballpark of how it really is?

It’s time to let you in on a little secret that it’s not as bad as it looks and the problem is not that the campaigns you have tried didn’t work. It is actually something you’re doing!

What is it you’re doing? Well, that won’t make sense to you unless you understand a thing or two about chiropractic marketing that you have definitely overlooked. I know because, not only is no one teaching anything about it, but I too had overlooked these important details.

What you are actually doing is not comprehending, embracing and applying three basics about practice promotion. And lacking any one of those basics can mean disaster for your clinic and, along with it, your goals, hopes and dreams.

Three specific basics to promoting your practice are the difference between what works to generate potential new patients and return and what doesn’t. And, the first of these three basics actually proves that it didn’t fail after all!

The first basic you need to understand is very simple and logical. The downside is that it is so simple it is almost unbelievable!

Here is what I refer to as the “Delay In Marketing” phenomenon (or “DIM” for short). DIM means that whenever you promote out the door, considering that time is constantly moving by, there is a delay in return. Now there always seems to be a mystical element to this but if you examine it closely it is just basic logic. Your promotion has to travel, get received, sink in and then actions can be taken. But, do you know many people who take action right away? More on that later.

Suffice to say that it’s a simple case of marketing out, business in, later in the sequence. Therefore, when you start a campaign and pull the plug too soon, you are actually looking back over the campaign when you come to the big “revelation” that it didn’t bring you anything in return. What you are not watching is the future. You have not considered to look forward in time to see the actual results which are there every time, with extreme rare exceptions.

If you were to continue to monitor your arrivals in office, your new patients or whatever you measure in this regard, you would see an increase, significant, if slight. There is the ROI from your marketing that you thought failed. It is in the future, past when you stopped.

While this “Delay In Marketing” principle applies all on its own, it is yet dependent on the second basic which augments the failure aspect and further camouflages the results you don’t see…

Bluntly, this factor is a gross underestimation of the length of time it takes to get your messages through. While I heard someone say recently that the average sale takes 8 contacts (a statistic I have not verified through research but agree with based on experience), and this would show up underestimation on your part of how many times you are hitting your target audience, it goes far beyond this and has a factor of patience involved.

This basic is such a hot topic, I did an entire podcast episode on it which you should check out, which rehabs the idea of impatience with promotion and gets you to push forward no matter what.

Factually, and confirmed by the apparent truth that it takes 8 contacts to make a sale, any campaign takes way longer than you would think to really get results.

Lastly, there is a most important factor, so key that I have been covering a piece of it in all my coaching modules, courses, videos, etc. And it is the key difference between closes and zero return!

Just in describing this problem, it will be easy to see how to fix it. It is a basic confusion in sales.

While I won’t be taking up the entire subject here, I will tell you that it is a basic confusion between what a lead is and what a sale is. These two, confused or interchanged, can mean failure for sure.

All you need to realize is that in Chiropractic Marketing, all you need to seek are leads. These are what feed your sales. Simple.

A lead is someone who has potential, not to be a patient, but to be sold on being a patient. Subtle difference there for sure. Can you see the difference? Consider it for a moment.

Just changing this one thing, without any other knowledge or help can transform your results and therefore your practice growth in general!

What do you do about marketing that doesn’t work? Do three things…

First, forget about hindsight being 20/20. In this case, it’s not! Don’t look back over your marketing, look ahead, look for a period after and see the change. The brief increase you find will be well hidden because it will for sure not last. It will go down as a reflection of your giving it the heave ho!

Next, if it doesn’t seem to be working, promote longer. Realize it takes WAY MORE than you originally estimated. Ask anyone who has made it. They will confirm this. It took more than they estimated and certainly a longer stretch of time. That takes patience, faith and persistence. But turn it to determination and you won’t have to worry about any of those. If you’re totally driven and determined, nothing can shake you and you will win big!

Last, stop trying to sell the unenlightened on chiropractic and start selling them on being sold chiropractic. That’s an interesting one but it is the reason on which all failure is based but, all success as well. If you can’t get your mind around it, you need help on sales and marketing. Talk to someone who knows.

All successful practices will be found to be correctly applying these three elements. They are simple and easy to follow and they only require your willingness and determination. The rest is easy.

Please contact me if you would like some help understanding this and to assess what you are doing, have done and plan to do in the future. I would more than happily spend sometime with you in a discussion of what will move you toward your goals of success!

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